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Best Pro Trade provides advanced, highly predictive, and reasonably priced software for trading global financial instruments in multiple time frames. The technologies incorporate rule-based discretionary, semi-automated and fully automated approaches that may be traded as a complete package or integrated with other methods. The indicators and trading panel successfully can be applied to all markets, to all sizes of charts, and to all types of bars to accurately anticipate direction, momentum, and reversals of price. We are an international company with a multi-national clientele that spans most regions of world including Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, and North America.

Our edge derives from an exclusive and novel approach to synchronizing trend- and momentum-based algorithms with real-time analysis of supply, demand and market structure. These synergies consistently produce reliable and valid signals with high probabilities when rules for trading properly are applied.

The company’s founder, an aircraft engineer, is a consistently profitable trader whose qualifications include 15 years of extensive experience, research and programming. He discovered that most traders properly are not equipped to interpret movements of price. They generally focus on single time frame analysis and do not understand the actual utilities of Fibonacci analysis, for example. They also tend to apply too many indicators that are not harmonized. Or, in the absence of trading and business plans, they allocate too much risk in relation to potential rewards. Lacking proper tools and training they resort to guessing and ultimately fail as traders who actually know what they’re doing pocket everyone else’s money.

Our engineer overcame those challenges by building a collection of synchronized indicators that are easy to read and powerfully precise in identifying turning points. The product is designed as a complete system that is predicated on many synchronized algorithms rather than on one or several isolated functions. The brilliance of this edge represents an inventive synthesis of mathematics and geometry that reveals manifestations of dynamic logic in price action across markets and time frames.

Professional traders, semi-professional traders, and novices all may benefit from these innovations in methodology and programming. The signals and indicators can be applied to simple and easy to read charts. This realistically makes it possible to monitor and productively trade multiple instruments simultaneously.

A new standard for outstanding performance

Best Pro Trade’s products and services set a new standard for excellence. We focus on one priority: to make it realistically possible for clients confidently and consistently to earn income by trading markets. Experienced traders understand that this is easier said than done.

Have you entered a trade and watched price immediately turn against the position? Have you exited a trade early only to see that profits could have doubled or tripled if the position had been maintained for awhile longer? Have accounts vanished because as a novice the software didn’t work, because the vendor’s educators never provided adequate training, because valid trading plans were not developed and implemented, or because fear and greed prompted excessive deployment of margin?

Success in this field is accomplished by thinking and acting as a professional, which involves integrating sound methods, proper risk control and money management and a workable psychology of trading that cultivates patience and discipline. In addition to proper tools and training, this requires time and dedication to the process.

Professional tools and training

Many trading methods and systems necessitate intensive and constant attention to identity unreliable or unduly complex setups. They usually exhaust energy, strain emotions, cloud thinking, and diminish discipline. That is unsustainable. We transcend those challenges and limitations by freeing traders to focus on the proper execution of high probability trade types.

Real-time supply and demand analysis

 The software accurately identifies trend, momentum, support and resistance, and supply and demand. Most software programs do not include real-time volume analysis and traders who rely on those products do not know when the underlying dynamics of trend are in their favor. Consequently, they are hindered in realizing their potentials. We overcome those challenges thanks to the software’s pioneering integration of components that are essential for competing with the best.

State-of-the-art proprietary tools

 The principal indicators include trend, trend strength, trend exhaustion, retracement predictors, profit targets and price exhaustion, alerts for potential entries and exits, money management tools, and more. These proprietary tools accurately forecast direction and momentum of price within the context of market structure. Noise is filtered and signals fire only when conditions satisfy well defined parameters.

Winning Trade Types

 A majority of many moves actually may be captured by buying near the lows and selling near the highs or vice versa, whether when trading intraday, swing trading, or investing for the longer-term. Entries and exits are targeted with precision thanks to our highly accurate reversal signals, multiple time frame areas, and other synchronized indicators. Recommended stops are not greater than ten ticks. Precision is accomplished by properly defining trends and changes in trend while executing trades on pull backs and continuation signals or reversal signals. From this point of view, overbought or oversold oscillators are irrelevant. Instead, what matters are directions of trend-momentum, geometries of market structure, and other attributes of price that synergistically are synthesized by this exceptional software.

Professional training

Our products and services intelligently are configured to increase probabilities of winning. The software generates an abundance of reliable signals for futures, Forex, stocks, bonds, and options. All financial instruments. All chart sizes. All bar types. The methodology is consistent the following principles, which are adapted from Perry Kauffman’s Laws of Multiple Time Frames:

1.  Each time frame has its own structure.

2.  Higher time frames overrule lower time frames.

3.  Prices in lower time frame structures tend to respect the energy points of higher time frame structures.

4.  Energy points of support and resistance that are created by vibrations (i.e., movements of price) in higher time frames can be validated by price actions in lower time frames.

5.  Trends created by relatively larger time frames permit us to define the tradable trend.

6.  What appears to be chaos in one period of time may be order in another.

The trainings are designed to facilitate the learning process so all clients consistently may generate income without distractions or delays. However, we encourage new traders to refrain from trading with actual capital until after developing a trading plan and demonstrating proficiency in simulation. Experienced traders may accomplish those key tasks more quickly than new traders. You are the most important element in achieving your goals and we will stand by you all the way.

For details about the indicators and trading panel, please visit our training rooms for futures and for Forex or request a thorough briefing by a member of our team.