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Best Pro Trade provides advanced, highly predictive, and reasonably priced software for trading global financial instruments in multiple time frames. The technologies incorporate rule-based discretionary, semi-automated, and fully automated approaches that may be traded as a complete package or integrated with other methods. The indicators and trading panel successfully can be applied to all markets, to all sizes of charts, and to all types of bars to accurately anticipate direction, momentum, and reversals of price. We are an international company with a multi-national clientele that spans most regions of world including Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America and North America.

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Auto Trader

Best Pro Trade’s auto-trader is a state-of-the-art program for trading futures, Forex, stocks, and bonds with reliable and valid signals across international markets. The software is unique and surpasses competitors because the signals derive from synchronized algorithms that effectively integrate with real-time analysis of supply and demand, trend, momentum, and market structure in multiple time frames. This is our edge. The auto-trader includes both fully automated and semi-automated formats. Rule-based discretionary traders and traders of options also may benefit from these technologies. Thanks to the product’s intelligent design, the signals consistently work with remarkably high degrees of probability. Licenses to the software currently are available for one platform (i.e., Ninja Trader).