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Our Mission

Think like a pro, trade like a pro
12tradepro.com is the pioneer in auto trading software. It does more than just moving in and out of the market at the right moment; it gives you suggestions for new strategies and will also implement them.

12tradepro.com provides advanced, highly predictive, and reasonably priced software for trading global financial instruments in multiple time frames. The technologies incorporate rule-based discretionary, semi-automated and fully automated approaches that may be traded as a complete package or integrated with other methods. The indicators and trading panel can be consistently applied to all markets, to all sizes of charts, and to all types of bars to consistently anticipate direction, momentum, and reversals of the price. We are an international company with a multi-national clientele that spans most regions of the world including Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, and North America.
Our program suits all Professional traders, semi-professional traders, and novices all may benefit from these innovations in methodology and programming. The signals and indicators can be applied to simple and easy to read charts. This realistically makes it possible to monitor and productively trade multiple instruments simultaneously
Think like a pro, trade like a pro
12tradepro.com makes life easy for auto traders

12tradepro.com makes auto trading easy by executing the automated system strategies on your behalf. We work seamlessly with NinjaTrader Advanced Trade Management system and financial instruments the moment the right market criteria have been met. This Minimizes the risks for typing errors and bad assessments due to emotions.
Minimal effort for auto traders

Our automated algorithmic trading system has everything that auto traders need. Our NinjaTrader can even exploit these opportunities on its own, allowing you to relax.

Our History

The company’s founder, an aircraft engineer, is a trader whose qualifications include 15 years of extensive experience, research and programming. He discovered that most traders properly are not equipped to interpret movements of price.

  • MARCH 2009

    Auto trade software helps to mitigate the human factor in trading. Human limitations are crucial for determining the success of traders. Many traders, novices and professionals alike, are overpowered by their emotions when trading. They are afraid to ‘take the leap’, or they trade too often, compromising their profits. Many other traders do not want to sit behind the screen all day. However, most will miss opportunities by doing so, as the markets never sleep.

  • MAY 2010

    Auto trade software helps you to overcome these challenges. 12tradepro.com auto trade software helps traders to trade consistently. It helps you to trade 24-hours a day on different markets across the globe, and moves in and out of financial instruments as soon as the price is right. This enables you to trade like a pro, disciplined, consistent, and with perfect timing.

  • JULY 2016

    12tradepro.com does not only auto trade assets on your behalf; we have a distinctive edge over our competitors. 12tradepro.com assists you with professional market insights. The auto trade software shows various indicators, such as market trends in different time frames and changes in supply and demand. The indicators are displayed in a clear way, allowing you to come up with new trading strategies within seconds. 12tradepro.com can even implement the strategies it identified. That is the true meaning of auto trade.

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