12Tradepro. (bpt) Automated Trading System HISTORY OF TRADING Bretton Woods Accord

After the Great Depression and world wars, world leaders wanted to stabilize the economy, so they took the first step in a new economic and financial system. With this in mind, forty-four members of the allied nations drafted and signed the “Bretton Woods Accord.” At this point, the United States of America was establishing itself as the world’s most significant … Read More

Autotrader, Automated Trading, Ninja Trader, E-mini S&P 500 Futures, Best Pro Trade Automated Trading: What Does It Mean?

Automated trading is a trading technique that involves employing a preprogrammed set of directions to work in the monetary markets. Hence, it entails using a program to execute selections for entering and exiting trades. With some parameters in place, analyze information, and a decent strategy, automatic trading reduces risks. Automated commerce systems are versatile unit systems with speed, analysis, and … Read More


When it comes to trading in the stock markets, there are multiple types and multiple methods involved. Most of these methods and forms of trading were established by experts to hit closer to predicting future fall and rise in the stock market. One of the types of trading is the algorithm trading, which involves utilizing that advantage of higher sped … Read More

Best Pro Trade The Background Of Forex Trading

Forex Trading (FX) means foreign exchange, which in modern times is currently the most liquid financial market around. Also, the biggest and most accessible. By merely exchanging fiat currencies, commodities, stocks, futures and indices, trillions of dollars are traded daily. Best Pro Trade The Importance Of Forex History Some significant events have changed the case of forex over the years. … Read More

Best Pro Trade Benefits of Forex, Futures And Stock Trading

With so many people worldwide trading forex including private individuals, multinational firms, banks. Why is it essential for you to become a forex trader? You must have heard diverse opinions about forex, futures and stock trading. With some giving it plaudits, others rubbishing it, and some just indifferent. You must then decide for yourself what you want and how best … Read More